Warehousing & Fulfillment

Fulfilling orders from Limak is a complete solution for online stores. We provide high quality logistics for the online store, which has a positive impact on the work as a whole. The online store transfers all logistics to Limak's quality service, which significantly reduces costs and improves customer service.

                                                                                                      Offered services

  • Receipt of goods from the supplier;
  • Warehouse and storage service;
  • Order processing (call center);
  • Sorting and packaging of orders;
  • Development of a report;
  • Return service;
  • Payment service (accept payment from the buyer);
  • Delivery to the door by fast courier service.


Benefits of working with Limak

  • Various services;
  • Individual approach;
  • Special staff;
  • Reasonable price tariffs;
  • Lowest error rate (0.02%);
  • High participation and responsibility in the project;
  • Minimize costs for warehouses, communications, staff;
  • Optimization of operating costs; reduction of IT and capital costs for warehouse buildings;
  • The most convenient form of delivery and payment;
  • Payment for services provided only.


Features of loading and unloading center

• Warehouse area - 2500 m2;

• Distance to IST airport - 26 km;

• Employees - 42 people;

• Warehouse class: "A";

• Available storage height - 4.5 m;

• Anti-dust floor covering;

• Temperature between +15 and +24 º;

• Fire protection system;

• 24-hour video surveillance system;

• Equipment: 2 loading and unloading machines;