Express cargo transportation - Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration (ECCD)


Micro Export or Fast Export: A type of export that allows small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to expand abroad by minimizing procedures in export operations. Entrepreneurs selling e-commerce abroad have also begun to use this method more quickly.

What is Micro Export?

Micro Export "is the name given to paid exports exported abroad with ECCD with a limit of 300 kg and 15,000 Euros."

How is Micro Export Prepared?

In the process, which begins with finding a suitable market for the individual and the organization that wants to send the products to foreign markets, the products, of which weight and price comply with the rules, are properly packaged and delivered to Limak, where they are allowed to export. Limak delivers the products to a mentioned address abroad.

The following documents must be prepared to carry out this process:

  • Micro Export Shipping Information Form
  • Original of financially approved invoice
  • Turkish and English invoices for foreign countries

The most important point here is that the shipment is exported for sale and solid purposes, provided that it meets the established limit of 300 kg and 15,000 Euros. Products, shipped for other purposes (for example: repair, technical service or fairs) are not included in field of easy export. At this point, ECCD is activated.

Controlled products such as food, medicine and chemical producst cannot be sent via easy export.

ECCD - Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration

Only companies that carry via Express have the right and authority to organize ECCD. Customs brokers do not have an authority to make an amendment on the ECCD. Customs Brokers can amend the declaration only for certain cases. Individuals and companies (organizations) engaged in export and import, also may not make an amendment on this declaration.

After the ECCD form is completed at the Limak office and approved online by the Ministry of Trade and Customs, provided that it is sealed and signed, customs procedures are completed and your fast export is carried out.

You can get detailed information on how to make (prepare) ECCD from Limak.