About us

Limak Logistics is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Our company has a certificate for Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration (ECCD) for micro export, engaged in shipping from Turkey ecommerce goods (express / courier) and general cargo/

Our company has fulfillment warehouses in Istanbul(Turkey), Moscow(Russia), Yiwu(China) and New Jersey (USA) with well-equipped infrastructure for receiving, storing, processing, sorting, bar-coding and temporary storage for ecommerce and other goods .

Membership in IATA allows Limak to conduct international flights by all airlines. Our company also carries out customs, import-export operations with great European countries, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and others. At the same time, we transport cargos to Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan and others from many countries of the world.

Our company, which has been producing permanent and durable solutions in the sector for more than 10 years, has been producing solutions for land, sea and railway transport needs in addition to air transport services.

The head office of our company is in Istanbul, which provides transport services to different regions of the world  has offices, warehouses in Russia - Moscow, China - Yiwu, Azerbaijan - Baku, USA - Delaware.

Our professional staff, which includes international transport operations, aims to expand the service network by ensuring the satisfaction of our customers with our services, the principle of safety in the transportation of products or materials.

At the same time, together with our professional staff, we carry out the transportation of dangerous substances, medical and perishable products, and funerals inside and outside the country.

Aiming to provide quality service in real service, our company strives to please our customers with the Limak air, sea, road and railway freight service it offers for import and export.

Customer satisfaction, which is the interest of all our employees, from our transport employees to our management, leads to the further expansion of our service network.