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Air transport

Limak Logistic, one of the leading logistic companies in Turkey, we continue to be the most reliable solution partner for our valued customers with air cargo transportation services. Being able to serve any point where all airlines in the world can fly is one of the superior features of air cargo transportation. We offer our air freight customers the advantages of a global service network as fast, cost-effective and high-quality solutions. In addition to door-to-door service, we offer comprehensive services such as import and export with our from airport to airport, door to airport and airport to door options.

In addition, with a combination of air, sea, land and rail transport, we create an optimal service network by providing multimodal services in accordance with the requirements of our business partners.

By implementing the e-awb system in Turkey, we carry out all our air cargo operations in an electronic environment with our company structure, which can immediately adapt to any technological development.

Together with our young, dynamic and educated team, we offer our customers not only cost benefits, but also suggestions that facilitate and speed up the process.


With our extensive and strong network, we offer sea transport solutions from Turkey to all ports around the world and from all ports to Turkey.

Special agreements with global and regional container lines,

Purchasing power provided by a rich customer portfolio,

Ability to provide customer service and price advantage with a strong agency network,

We are at the service of our import and export companies with international container (full and partial) shipping service on the principle of "door to door" and "one-on-one (interviewer)".

Limak Logistic As an international forwarder, we provide transport services in sea container transport with insurance provision of international standards, as well as develop special solutions for our import and export customers to compete in world trade.


Limak Logistic provides the best service in international land transportation with a strong infrastructure. As a leading logistics service provider with selected supplier and agency network or foreign companies, Limak offers quick solutions to its customers in full, inter-modal, group and project transportation.

Express cargo transportation - Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration (ECCD)


Micro Export or Fast Export: A type of export that allows small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to expand abroad by minimizing procedures in export operations. Entrepreneurs selling e-commerce abroad have also begun to use this method more quickly.

What is Micro Export?

Micro Export "is the name given to paid exports exported abroad with ECCD with a limit of 300 kg and 15,000 Euros."

How is Micro Export Prepared?

In the process, which begins with finding a suitable market for the individual and the organization that wants to send the products to foreign markets, the products, of which weight and price comply with the rules, are properly packaged and delivered to Limak, where they are allowed to export. Limak delivers the products to a mentioned address abroad.

The following documents must be prepared to carry out this process:

  • Micro Export Shipping Information Form
  • Original of financially approved invoice
  • Turkish and English invoices for foreign countries

The most important point here is that the shipment is exported for sale and solid purposes, provided that it meets the established limit of 300 kg and 15,000 Euros. Products, shipped for other purposes (for example: repair, technical service or fairs) are not included in field of easy export. At this point, ECCD is activated.

Controlled products such as food, medicine and chemical producst cannot be sent via easy export.

ECCD - Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration

Only companies that carry via Express have the right and authority to organize ECCD. Customs brokers do not have an authority to make an amendment on the ECCD. Customs Brokers can amend the declaration only for certain cases. Individuals and companies (organizations) engaged in export and import, also may not make an amendment on this declaration.

After the ECCD form is completed at the Limak office and approved online by the Ministry of Trade and Customs, provided that it is sealed and signed, customs procedures are completed and your fast export is carried out.

You can get detailed information on how to make (prepare) ECCD from Limak.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

Fulfilling orders from Limak is a complete solution for online stores. We provide high quality logistics for the online store, which has a positive impact on the work as a whole. The online store transfers all logistics to Limak's quality service, which significantly reduces costs and improves customer service.

                                                                                                      Offered services

  • Receipt of goods from the supplier;
  • Warehouse and storage service;
  • Order processing (call center);
  • Sorting and packaging of orders;
  • Development of a report;
  • Return service;
  • Payment service (accept payment from the buyer);
  • Delivery to the door by fast courier service.


Benefits of working with Limak

  • Various services;
  • Individual approach;
  • Special staff;
  • Reasonable price tariffs;
  • Lowest error rate (0.02%);
  • High participation and responsibility in the project;
  • Minimize costs for warehouses, communications, staff;
  • Optimization of operating costs; reduction of IT and capital costs for warehouse buildings;
  • The most convenient form of delivery and payment;
  • Payment for services provided only.


Features of loading and unloading center

• Warehouse area - 2500 m2;

• Distance to IST airport - 26 km;

• Employees - 42 people;

• Warehouse class: "A";

• Available storage height - 4.5 m;

• Anti-dust floor covering;

• Temperature between +15 and +24 º;

• Fire protection system;

• 24-hour video surveillance system;

• Equipment: 2 loading and unloading machines;

Transportation of dangerous cargos

As Limak Logistics, together with our experienced team, we carry out the transportation of all dangerous substances in accordance with the following rules and regulations:

- International Civil Aviation Organization - Montreal - ICAO - TI - Airline

- International Air Transport Association - Geneva - IATA - DGR - Airline

- International Atomic Energy Agency - Vienna - IAEA - Transportation of radioactive substances

Air transportation of dangerous substances in Turkey is carried out on the basis of the Air Transportation Guide (SHT-18) issued by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transport. Dangerous substances are classified by the United Nations Committee of Experts into nine classes.

Class 1.


Class 1.1: Massive and sudden explosive substances

They contain explosive substances that can cause a mass explosion. It affects almost all cargos at the moment of an explosion

Class 1.2: Substances that emit particles but do not explode en masse

They consist of explosives that have at risk of parting but will not cause a mass explosion.

Class 1.3: Flammable Explosives

They consist of explosives that are flammable, have low explosion intensity, and have a small risk of parting, but will not cause a mass explosion.

Class 1.4: Less harmful explosives

They contain explosives, which have a risk of slight explosion, of which effect will not exceed the package, not cause an explosion and fire far away.

Class 1.5: Explosives that are difficult to explode but can explode in bulk

They consist of explosives that can explode in mass, but are very difficult to explode, and have a very low sensitivity.

Class 1.6: Substances, which are difficult to explode and do not have a danger of mass explosion

They contain explosives that are very difficult to explode, have a very low sensitivity and at the same time are not explosive in mass.

Class 2: Gases

Class 2.1: Combustible gases

Class 2.2: Combustible and non-toxic gases

Class 2.3: Toxic gases

Class 3: Flammable liquids

Class 4: Combustible solids

Class 4.1: Combustible solids

Combustible solids that burn as they are. These substances can ignite by friction and burn speeds exceed 2.2 mm (0.087 inch) per second.

Class 4.2: Self-igniting solids

Spontaneously combustible substances are "pyrophoric" substances. These are substances that ignite in the fifth minute of contact with air, or heat up when they get in contact with air without the need for additional energy.

Class 4.3: Substances, which become dangerous in case of contact with water

These substances burn or spread toxic substances when in contact with water. The danger is to emit more than 1 liter of gas per hour for 1 kg of substance.

Class 5: Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides

Class 5.1: Oxidizing substances

Such substances are substances that release oxygen and cause or accelerate burning of other substances.

Class 5.2: Organic peroxides

Organic peroxides (Class 5.2) are substances that contain oxygen in the form of O-O.

Class 6: Toxic and microbial substances

Class 6.1: Toxic substances

Substances known to be harmful to humans are classified as toxic during transportation. In addition, substances found to be toxic in animal tests are considered dangerous to humans too and are included into this category.

Class 6.2: Microbial substances

These include substances, which have an infectious disease content, which are known or suspected to be carrier of a pathogen.

Class 7: Radioactive substances


These include substances with a label of Yellow RADIOACTIVE III (LSA-III). Although this label is not used for some radioactive materials, a radioactivity banner should be used.

Class 8: Corrosive substances


These include substances that have an abrasive, thickening effect on human skin when in contact for a certain period of time.

Class 9: Other dangerous substances

Other Hazardous Substances

This class includes substances that pose a danger during transportation but do not comply with any of the specified classes.

About us

Limak Logistic

Limak Logistics is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Our company has a certificate for Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration (ECCD) for micro export, engaged in shipping from Turkey ecommerce goods (express / courier) and general cargo/

Our company has fulfillment warehouses in Istanbul(Turkey), Moscow(Russia), Yiwu(China) and New Jersey (USA) with well-equipped infrastructure for receiving, storing, processing, sorting, bar-coding and temporary storage for ecommerce and other goods .

Membership in IATA allows Limak to conduct international flights by all airlines. Our company also carries out customs, import-export operation