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What services do logistics companies offer?

What services do logistics companies offer?

Logistics is one of the business processes that have an important role in the business world. Logistics involves the planning, implementation and control of all processes from the procurement of products to the end user and refers to the process by which products move along the supply chain. This process consists of various stages such as storage, transportation, distribution and delivery to the end user. Logistics ensures that these processes are carried out in an organized and efficient manner. Proper logistics management can increase the competitive advantage of companies, reduce costs and ensure customer satisfaction.

Limak Logistics carries out the process of bringing the products to the title with fast and safe delivery services and provides transportation by considering every detail from the first stage of this process to the last moment.

What does Limak Logistics do?

Limak Logistics is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Our company, which has the Electronic Trade Customs Declaration (ETGB) issuing certificate, carries out e-commerce transportation (express/courier), general cargo and micro exports from Turkey. Being an IATA member allows Limak to perform international air transportation with all airlines. In addition to transportation, our company also provides customs clearance and import-export services to our customers in European countries, Commonwealth of States (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, etc.). Also  from most countries of the world: Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, etc.

What services do we offer to our customers?

Air Cargo Transportation

It is the process of transporting goods or cargo from one place to another using air transportation. This transportation method is an important logistics option for fast delivery and international trade. Air cargo transportation is generally faster than other transportation methods, but more costly. The cost of transportation can vary depending on factors such as weight, size, destination and urgency of the material to be transported.

Sea Cargo Transportation

It is the process of transporting materials from one place to another using ships. This method of transportation accounts for a large part of world trade and is especially preferred when large quantities of materials need to be transported. In sea cargo transportation, materials are first loaded on to ships. Loading takes place at specialized container terminals in ports or using specialized equipment for bulk cargoes. The ships then sail to the destination port. At the port of destination, the materials are unloaded and local logistics operations and delivery are completed. Sea cargo transportation is a widely used logistics method, especially for transporting large volumes or heavy materials. However, it may not be suitable for urgent shipments as the delivery time is longer.

Road Transportation

It is a type of transportation in which materials, cargo or passengers are transported using highways. This method of transport is part of land transport and is one of the most widely used modes of transport worldwide. Various vehicles are used for road transportation. These vehicles can be of different types, such as trucks, buses, minibuses, vans and commercial vehicles. The appropriate vehicle is selected according to the type and amount of cargo to be transported. Road transportation is particularly effective in short and medium distance transportation. In addition, the wide access to the road network ensures that this type of transportation is widely used.

Express Transportation

Express transportation is a type of transportation frequently used especially in e-commerce transactions. Express transportation is a transportation service where shipments with fast delivery requirements are transported quickly, usually by courier companies or private transportation providers. Electronic Trade Customs Declaration is a customs declaration system used to facilitate import and export transactions through electronic commerce. It is a type of declaration that is filled in electronically and aims to speed up customs procedures. Electronic Trade Customs Declaration is used in import and export transactions made through electronic commerce and facilitates these transactions. After the customs declaration is made in the Electronic Trade Customs Declaration system, express transportation is carried out by Limak Logistics. Express transportation ensures that the shipment is delivered to the customer quickly, but it is generally more costly than other transportation methods.

Storage / Fulfillment

Warehousing and fulfillment are important logistics processes that e-commerce businesses use to store their products, process orders and ship to customers. Warehouse management includes processes such as receiving products, tracking inventory, placing and organizing products within the warehouse. Types of warehouses can include rental warehouses, warehouses of third-party logistics providers, cold storage and more.


Warehousing is where e-commerce businesses physically store and protect their products. These products are usually located in a warehouse or storage facility, and these warehouses ensure that products are kept safe and organized.


Fulfillment refers to the order processing processes of e-commerce businesses, such as receiving, preparing, packing and shipping customer orders. These processes include steps such as order intake, inventory management, order preparation and packaging, shipping arrangement and shipment tracking. Fulfillment services provide a great convenience for e-commerce businesses, especially as order volume grows and logistics operations become more complex.

Dangerous Goods Transportation

Hazardous materials transportation is a logistics operation involving the safe transport of chemical, biological, radioactive or other hazardous substances. Such substances may have the potential to cause harm to human health, the environment or other transportation operations. For this reason, hazardous material transportation is subject to very specific regulations and safety procedures.

Our professional staff, which includes international transportation operations, aims to expand its service network by taking care that our customers are satisfied with our services, as well as transporting products or materials with the principle of safety. Our company, which aims to provide quality service in the real sense, takes care that our customers are happy in Limak Logistics air, road, rail and sea cargo transportation services offered for imports and exports. Customer satisfaction, which our entire staff, from our cargo transportation personnel to our management team, takes care of, causes our service network to expand even further.


Limak Logistics: perfect service in transportation!